1. The Club will be as informal as possible: – a. Meetings There will be at least one annual general meeting, however, there will be no restrictions on individual areas arranging as any meetings as they wish. MEMBERSHIP

2. Membership will be open to people who meet the following criteria. a. If the person was a member of the former SA Defence Force, Citizen Force, Commando’s or SA Police during the period 1912 – 1994.

3. If in the same period he was employed as a member of a Unit, Formation or Headquarters of the former SA Defence Force, Civilian Organization or SA Police who acted in support of the Security Forces and played an active role in maintaining Law and Order. AREA OF OPERATIONS

4. The Club will operate within the boundaries of the Republic of South Africa and in any other Country where any of the members find themselves. There will be no distinction between a region within the territorial boundaries of the Republic of South Africa or those situated abroad.

5. All correspondence will be conducted in either Afrikaans or English depending upon the Club members preference.